Kailen 余

Hi, I'm Kailen — A freelance video editor and PNG streamer.


Some stuff I've made. Ask me for more examples!

Youtube Video Example

Youtube Video Example

Youtube Video Example

Twitter Clip Example

Twitter Clip Example

Montage Example

Pricing 🔖

Need something edited? I'm your guy.

Commission Process

Submit a commission form when my commissions are open. I will contact you via your preferred method, accepting or rejecting your commission. New commissioners will require an upfront payment. A demo cut of raw clips (view examples) will be provided for review before I complete your edit.

VOD Clipping

I create a video from your VODs. I will clip up to two hours of a single VOD. The amount that I clip out of a VOD does not affect the price.

Video LengthPrice
1 Hour30 USD
+30 min+10 USD


I create a video based on your provided clips.

Video LengthPrice
0-5 min30 USD
6-10 min45 USD
11-15 min55 USD
16-20 min65 USD
21-25 min75 USD


Subtitle AmountPrice
None0 USD
Partial10 - 30 USD
Half20 - 40 USD
Majority25 - 45 USD
Full30 - 50 USD

Edit Saturation

Camera pans, simple transitions, and text movement are all included within the video. Edit saturation is how much your video is edited. These edits are based on what I deem can be edited in, there are some parts of videos that I can't force an edit onto because it would be awkward.

Edit SaturationPrice
None15 - 35 USD
Partial25 - 45USD
Half35 - 65USD

Rush Orders

Regarding rush orders (1-2 days), I do not do rush orders except for projects that are in the green zone. Projects in the red zone can take up 1-2 months to finish as I am not a full-time editor.

Commission 📝

Find my commission status on Twitter.